Separating High Quality from Low Quality House Paint

Ready for a fresh coat of paint? Choosing the right painting contractor for your residential or commercial project is definitely an important step you shouldn’t overlook. However often overlooked is the type of paint you choose to put on your walls. Many people think there is no difference and that the markups you see on premium brands like Behr or Benjamin Moore are simply the by-product of marketing however this isn’t always the case. Paint My Place is an established Ottawa painting contractor and they have sent us the top three tips and reasons they think you need to know when it comes to choosing quality paint.

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Quality makes a difference and it’s especially evident over time. Cheaper paint fades quicker, needs more time to dry and worse off – more coats to reach your desired effect. Your residential painting company can advise you on the best paint for your budget and needs, however knowing that it will take longer to get most projects done.

The actual technical difference comes down to the composition of the pigments within the paint itself. Higher quality pigments like calcium, carbonate or silica require better binders to keep them from separating and thus fewer coats are needed to achieve that slick, professional finish for your homes interior. The last thing you want to do is spend a few hours – or a few hundred dollars – painting your entire home and then realize it’s going to need another coat or the finish isn’t what you were expecting. Consult a professional house painting company and they can go over your options in terms of finish (matte, gloss, etc.) and what quality of paint you should be aiming for.

If you’re embarking on a DIY painting project we have one quick little test that can be done at Home Depot or Canadian Tire where you buy your paint that can let you know what paint is quality and which you should avoid. Choose your paint and have it shaken by the associates at the aforementioned shop – they usually have a machine on hand that can do this quickly and thoroughly. Quickly dip your thumb in and it should feel totally smooth. Any grainy texture is a bad sign and something you should avoid – the binders are likely low quality and will yield a poor finish.