Why You Need a Professional Moving Company

Moving is zero fun, packing up all of your belongings, putting them in boxes and labeling them. Then all the lifting and sifting. Loading and unloading. Plus, you have to rent a truck or try and borrow one. Inevitably, you will find out that your truck-loading skills leave much to be desired, and the truck that looked so large and promising is now too small, requiring you to make unplanned trips back and forth. Moving your belongings yourself takes a staggering amount of time. Usually about four times the time you actually allotted for it, this is why you need a professional Bournemouth removals company.

A professional removals company will have a team of movers that will do all the work for you. This means that your move is going to be fast, freeing you up do handle the other unavoidable and unplanned tasks that always arise on move-in day.


In addition to the actual move, you also are going to have other items that need to be taken care of, such as arranging for utilities to be hooked up, and securing phone and internet service. Also cleaning and tidying up the new place, because we all know the insane amounts of cleaning that a move requires. Knowing that all of your belongings are safe and protected will definitely ease your mind on moving day. Professionals will also have the right tools. Few things are more frustrating than having to dismantle an entire bedroom set, only to realize that you no longer have the perfect little manufacturer-supplied allen wrench required to do so. Moving everything yourself will virtually guarantee this type of experience. At least once.


They can give you an accurate time frame in which all of your belongings will be safely in your new place. Compare this to you and a few of your friends, who don’t really even want to be there (despite what they told you over a few beers), and may show up late, or not at all. And they probably will break some of your stuff.


This means that if anything gets broken, it will be replaced or you’ll at least receive some sort of compensation. After all, if you break one of your own belongings, you can’t reasonably expect to have it replaced at no cost, can you? Professionals can actually save you money. Think about it. After you take into account the fact that you had to make umpteen unplanned trips to get all of your stuff moved, you probably spent quite a bit on gas. You also likely had to make a trip or two to the hardware store to buy a certain tool that you didn’t think you’d need, and probably will never use again. And never forget that if anything breaks, it’s on you. Not to mention the huge chunk of time that moving yourself carves out of your day.

So take it from someone who has tried it both ways. Hiring a professional removal company is without a doubt the best and most stress-free way to go


Plumbing Projects You Should NEVER Do Yourself

There is absolutely no question that Australia is a nation of proud do it yourself (DIY) enthusiasts. Whether it’s reshaping our gardens, building shelving or installing the latest and greatest sound system, the first instinct of many of us is to “have a crack” at it ourselves.

Driving past a Bunnings’ or Masters car park on the weekend is a real testament to this, with most bursting at the seams with utes, trucks, and everyday suburban sedans.

Bunnings Warehouse

A casual flick through the TV guide will also back up the trend, with wildly successful franchises like The Block and House Rules built on the DIY tradition.

But when it comes to plumbing and plumbing services, it’s a little less clear cut than simply heading down to the local hardware store and picking up some tools and equipment.

What You Can Do

Many people are surprised to learn that there are some plumbing works that they are permitted to do themselves, but some that are specifically prohibited by law for them to undertake. For a complete list and step by step guides for DIY, Home Improvements Check out Intarsiacorp.

First the good news. In Queensland, the laws in relation to plumbing have been drafted with some pretty clear lists of what is allowable work by a non-professional. Simple water plumbing – changing shower heads, washers in taps, and jumper valves etc. – is allowed.

Dishwasher Installation, CITAB

More complex jobs that are also permitted include installing or maintaining an outdoor lawn watering system, replacing a toilet cistern, as well as the smaller additions like backflow prevention devices and suction cups that go with these jobs.

For sanitary plumbing, you can clean and maintain the ground level grates as well as replace caps. These things fall under the heading of general maintenance rather than major works.

What You Can’t Do

It’s probably not that surprising to find out that law prohibits any works on a sewer or related system. Apart from the health risk to you personally, these are systems that are maintained by the local government, and their public use function means that they must only be worked on by professionals.

Gas fitting and related works are also required to be completed by professionals who are licensed to do that work.

Why Should I Let Someone Else Do It?

There are two major practical reasons to leave plumbing and gas fitting work in the hands of professionals. The first is cost. Insurance companies draft their contracts to make sure that if there has been any unregulated or unlicensed work, their policies don’t apply, even if you’ve paid your premium.

The cost of a burst water pipe can run into the tens of thousands of dollars and damage walls, carpeting and floors and render entire houses uninhabitable, which would be financially crippling if insurance was unable to help with the cost of repairs.

The second, and more important reason is safety. Plumbing and gas fitting works can be dangerous both in the work phase and after the work is completed. It’s always best to use a professional, local and trusted plumber, with the experience and knowledge to ensure your job will be safely done to the highest standard.

At the end of the day, to get a plumbing job done properly, it’s a smart choice to have a professional give you the best possible result. If you’re in Brisbane and need a quote on some major plumbing work give our recommended plumbing professionals a call.

How To Get Construction Contractor Licensing

Construction ContractorBeing a construction constractor is a nice job, and a lot of people are wondering how to get a license for it. Getting a license is not that complicated, and by following these several simple steps, you could become a licensed contractor in your home state. This process includes visiting your local government web site, or going there in person; and taking some exams and filing in some paperwork about your residence, criminal background and experience in this area of work.

Step #1 Contact your local government

Construction ContractorThe first thing you need is an application. Contact your local government to get an application for construction contracting license. Some states allow you to obtain the application from the Office of the Secretary of State. All you need to do is log on to the web site of your local government, and locate the office that issues construction contractor licenses. Also, in these modern times, many states make it possible to submit your application online, or download it from their web sites, print it, fill it in and submit it in person.

Step #2 Complete the application

Most licenses require several basic things, and construction contractor license is no difference. First of all, you nConstruction Contractoreed to be of legal age, have a high school diploma or a GED, and provide a proof of citizenship and business licenses. In some states, a requirement of providing a surety bond exists, and also your fingerprints need to be checked, in order to run a criminal background check on you. Some states also require you to add some supporting information, such as referral letter from your previous employers and clients; as well as proof of experience in the field for which you are trying to get a license.

Step #3 Complete the written examination

Unfortunately, you wConstruction Contractorill have to pay a fee to be able to do the exam for this license. The exam is in a written form, and usually, it includes questions about your local laws in the area of construction and especially in the area for which you are trying to obtain a license.

Step #4 Submit your application

Sadly, you will need to pay some fees in this step also. But, don’t worry, these amounts are not big, and most people can afford them. After submitting your application, all you have to do is wait for the good word about getting your license in the field of construction contracting. Now, you need to keep in mind that most licenses are good for 2 years only, and have to be renewed after that.

As you have seen, getting a construction contractor license is not that difficult. You just need a computer, a pen and a paper, clean criminal record, your documentation, and a small amount of money for the fees. After that, you will receive your license, and officially become a certified contractor in the field of the construction. Now, you can oversee the construction projects, and do the thing you always wanted.