Bathroom Renovation Guide

The bathroom is more than just an area in the house where people wash and heed the call of nature. Normally, this integral space is also regarded as a resting place, an area where a form of inner peace and a refreshed feeling can be experienced. For this reason, many homeowners often take their time in deciding what their bathroom should look like before updating it. In any home projects involving bathroom renovations, a number of important factors need to be taken into account.

An important aspect of any bathroom design is the flooring. Tiles, especially those fashioned out of stone, marble, and ceramics, have been traditionally used due to their durability. This should remain as a basic guiding point when it comes to bathroom renovations. If mats or rugs suited for bathroom use are to be used to cover parts of the floor, colours should be selected that match up well with the tiles. We like the selection of floor coverings from this online rug store, however a large selection can be found at any number of etailers or floor covering/rug shops.

Other than durability, tiles are also known for being water-resistant. Nevertheless, these excellent properties of tiles can be compromised if the subfloor is not properly installed. Obviously, there is a need to ensure that the bathroom subflooring is sealed tight especially when the heating coils have been completely put into place.

deeptubIf this is not observed strictly, the heating coils may not be able to provide the needed warmth inside the bathroom. This is actually crucial given the cold surfaces that many bathrooms are known to have. A hard and cold bathroom surrounding is hardly conducive to bathing and washing even if a warm bath is being planned.This information is only relevant to those in the southern parts of Australia, from Sydney down. If tropical and sub-tropical areas of Australia like Brisbane and along the Queensland coast, it is unlikely that bathrooms would ever required heating coils, even in the winter.

Providing elegance to the bathroom is another aspect of many washroom renovations that is often taken for granted. A good reason for this is the perception that bathroom elegance involves untold expenses. This is not entirely accurate since even a small and simple bathroom space can create a stylish appearance at minimal cost as long as the appropriate fixtures are selected.

smallvanityFor example, many people are fond of having a large cabinet vanity inside the bathroom that unfortunately can take up a lot of the available room. A better option for a small space is to settle for a smaller cabinet and combine this with a sink fashioned in pedestal style. To create the impression of elegance, choose sinks that carry graceful lines. If you are having trouble finding a sink design you like, you can always get one custom made.

As for the bathtub, the bigger models can be quite tempting as they can provide ample body rest especially after a long day at work. Still, there is no need to settle for a huge king-size tub. Bathtubs measuring at least 150mm long should be more than sufficient space to get the body fully stretched out on any given day.

Ideally, however, it is best to physically sit or lie into any prospective tub before making a purchase. This physical examination should focus on the lip and back portion of the tub with a view to finding out if these areas can provide ample neck support as well as offering overall comfort.

In some cases, a smaller tub has to be chosen given limited bathroom space. In this regard, the size of a tub can be compensated by its depth. Simply put, a small but deep bathtub should be looked into in bathroom renovations involving limited floor space.

Many bathroom renovations often look at updating the appearance of this special area of the house. Obviously, this can be rather costly but only if careful planning is not observed. Additionally, reconstructing the bathroom can be quite exciting especially when the project gets completed according to plans. Take your time when planning out your renovation and reap the cost-saving benefits in the long-run.